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Payroll Preview

Quickly preview payroll to ensure your payroll runs smoothly every time. Receive instant notifications on critical errors before accepting your preview.

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Automatic Tax Filing

Eliminate paper all together. Dominion takes care of your local, state & federal payroll tax documents. We even take care of your W-2s.

Payroll Reports

Our reports help you better understand your payroll. Review your master control, wage & tax analysis, and any other important information pertinent to your business.

Global Changes

Eliminate tedious manual tasks. Quickly update employee information based on groups or categories.


Time & Attendance

Custom Rules & Accruals

Keep labor costs under control with customer rules. Based on your company policy, we make sure your employees are paid for their time.


Group Scheduling

Create weekly schedules in a fraction of the time. Group scheduling ensures all your employees are on the same page.


Leave Management

Employees can submit requests online which are instantly emailed to their manager for approval. Eliminating paperwork and making requesting time off easy.



Labor Distribution Reports

Get a snapshot of your employee labor costs in one simple report. View detailed hours worked, wages earned, and benefits accrued.

HR & Benefits

Applicant Tracking

Quickly qualify candidates, create custom flags, and streamline the hiring process. All in one centralized employee hub.


Custom Data Tracking

Keep track of all your employee information. Record trainings, anniversary dates, and certifications all in the same location. 


Benefit Statements

Let your employees know their true value. Show them their benefit statement that includes bonuses, paid time off, and total compensation of benefits.


Tasks and Reminder Dates

Task manager enables you to quickly review changes such as employee change requests, reminder dates, and leave management requests.