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Why Us:


Pontiac, MI


Single Database, Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Efficiency

One of the biggest turn offs with ADP was that you have to call and they put you on hold
for 45 minutes, and they always say they’ll call you back, which usually took 2-3 weeks,
so it was a hassle every day. We use the Dominion platform all the time!
— Misty Phillips

Software that Goes Beyond Payroll

Before using Dominion, the Human Resources department at Grace Centers of Hope was utilizing ADP Workforce Now. Since they made the switch to Dominion in 2015, Misty Phillips said the company has been able to better achieve their mission.

What Sparked the Switch


Misty noted that they needed to make a move with their payroll and HR software due to a fractured and inaccurate process with ADP. They had a need for a better shift planning tool along with a time and attendance platform that would fit the needs of their timekeeping policy. With ADP, she felt she had to double check employee hours, as well as email managers to alert them of mistakes that were pushed through the software. Over all, she felt the process was too time consuming.

When asked what products and features stood out during their evaluation process, Misty noted that having the time and attendance piece on the same platform as payroll was a huge deciding factor. Having all the software on one single database eliminated the need for dual-entry and importing data between platforms. Other than time and attendance, Misty stated that Dominion’s chat feature was also another selling point in transitioning to Dominion.

Improved Efficiency

Misty stated that by using Dominion instead of ADP, she is able to save an hour each day. With ADP she would spend four hours running payroll and now the process is down to one hour. She also touched on the time savings when it comes to Customer Support.

As a non profit organization, we don’t necessarily have a big budget for payroll. Dominion helps us achieve our mission because it allows us to serve our employees, who in turn serve the homeless.
— Misty Phillips