Expand your Scheduling Options

Group scheduling allows managers to easily create and edit weekly schedules in a fraction of the time it used to take. Quickly gauge employee availability and fill open shifts with the click of a button.


group schedule.png

Create Static Schedules

With Group Scheduling, you have the ability to create a ‘static’ schedule that will have standard time slots that you use each week. This makes it easier for you to schedule employees because you will not have to determine what times need to be covered. You simply have to know how many employees need to work at any given time.


Time & Attendance Integration

Your time and attendance software will tell you exactly what employees you have available to cover shifts, allowing you to simply click and drag the employee’s name to add them to the schedule. Once you add an employee to a given time slot, the number indicating how many employees are needed for that time period will decrease by one.

publish schedules.png

Publish when You're Ready

Once you have your schedule complete, you can save it and publish it for your employees to access. Schedules will not be viewable by employees until you publish, so you can save at any time and revisit your schedule until it has been approved by all necessary administrators.