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Why Us:


Kalamazoo, MI


Customer Service, User-Friendly Software, Pricing

I have used a number of different payroll
software services in my 25 years as an
HR manager at multiple companies and
I’ve never used a payroll company that
provides the level of customer service that
Dominion does.
— Monica Roon

We recently sat down with Monica Roon from Kalamazoo Flower Group in order to get some feedback about our software.

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Getting Started

When asked about the transition experience, Monica recalled a time at a previous job where she facilitated the transition from ADP to Paychex. The reason for switching then (and again at Kalamazoo Flower Group) was because of customer service. 

Monica considers herself to be technologically challenged, and yet she still found the software to be very user-friendly. It was easy to figure out on her own.

What's Keeping them here

There are a number of reasons Monica and her team at Kalamazoo Flower Group stay with us. One of the biggest reasons is our customer service. Monica mentioned that she loves the fact that she can get someone on the phone every time she calls. 

The Dominion Difference

Monica’s favorite aspect of working with Dominion is the customer service team. They’ve helped her get through any challenge she might come across and is always just a phone call, email or chat away. She’s no longer forced to wait on hold to get a simple question answered. What’s more, whenever she calls in, she always knows exactly who she’s talking to. Add that to the money they’ve saved by making the switch and it’s clear that we will be working together for a very long time.

There is no way we are switching to a different provider.
— Monica Roon