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Mastering Energy, Focus & Time

In this webinar you will hear “out of the box” applications to increase your energy, learn some keys to managing time more effectively, and discover techniques, routine changes and even foods that can fuel your brain and increase your creativity in order to accomplish more tasks in less time and at a higher level of productivity.

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The Hidden Cost of Conflict

Oftentimes we will short circuit ourselves when faced with conflict. In this webinar you will get tips on how to dispel the illusion of attention and address conflict straight on. As conflict arises, tension often grows between the individuals involved. Glean some positive strategies to manage this tension and alleviate conflict. 

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Current Trends in Employment Background Checks

Background checks are a valuable (and often essential) part of the hiring process.  They help employers find good employees and avoid risky hires. As important as background checks can be, there are significant legal risks created by doing them unlawfully.

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Connecting Talent to Business Outcomes

How important is attracting and retaining desired talent to accomplishing your business goals in 2017 and beyond? Learn the importance of measuring and improving your employee experience. 

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Hiring exceptional talent is the new "currency" in this competitive job market. This webinar will help you with all phases of the hiring process. 

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The State of Employment

Tackling the talent crisis needs to have a two-pronged solution: recruiting and retaining. Discover the facts and what the 'state of employment' actually looks like.

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Learn about the importance of corporate wellness, how you can implement it into any size business, and how you can execute healthier practices into your personal and professional life to achieve balance.

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An overview of workers' compensation in michigan

Learn about the workers' compensation law in Michigan from an employers perspective. Review topics and answer questions such as when the laws apply, what benefits an employee may be entitled to, and so on.

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Faces of change: generations in the workplace

Some organizations have up to five generations working at once. Dig deeper into what influences have shaped each of the generations and how this has affected their work style preferences. 

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Exempt or not exempt - that is the question

Virtually every employer must comply with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act; this requires the payment of overtime to employees working more than 40 hours per week unless the employee is exempt. 

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The Difference between direct hires and contractors

When hiring for your company it is important to know your options. Knowing the different types of placement and benefits associated with those placements is key in expanding your company. 

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Self-defeating habits of otherwise brilliant people

Through thousands of seemingly insignificant interactions, teams unknowingly create environments that are either cohesive or adversarial. Discover how you can eliminate unconscious behaviors that spark power struggles and mistrust. 

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