Enhance Employee Engagement

Modern employee management that is fully equipped to manage and administer your reviews and improve the overall productivity around the office.

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Track and Rate Performance

Use a core set of competencies that come standard with the feature or customize your own to ensure you’re developing your employees in a way that is tailored specifically to your organization. 


Automate Your Review Cycles

Eliminate the need to hound employees about reviews with automated reminders and notifications so all parties involved are on the same page.

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Manage Goal Progress

Monitor your employees’ development using historical data and at-a-glance analytics so you can address your organization’s goals head-on, easily track employee progress and automatically integrate merit increases into payroll.  


Gather Critical Feedback

Use the data provided by the software to make informed decisions and gain insight into the overall performance within your company.

Learn how to automate reviews, set up goals and scoring, and track employee performance in our Performance Reviews demo.


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