Dominion Systems Hires Adam Nolan to Develop a Time Clock Application

Grand Rapids, MI -- Dominion Systems, a Grand Rapids-based software company, has recently hired a developer, Adam Nolan, to develop a time clock application for their clients. Nolan attended Western Michigan University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems. He has been a mobile developer for 2 years now but has been working in the IT industry for over 10 years. Adam was previously employed by Salespad which has allowed him to know and understand how Dominion works. 

Nolan will be working with Mutually Human in the process and will be using Xamarin, a mobile development tool. Initially, the app will be used by clients of Dominion to punch in their hours using geotracking. The app will allow companies to assign punches to cost centers and different job sites. In the future Dominion hopes to develop the application further to include a feature that will allow employees to view their work schedules. 

Dominion’s Director of IT, Bill Ogle, said: "This will be a great addition to our system by allowing our clients the ability to use mobile devices to do day to day Dominion tasks.” 


About Dominion Systems

Dominion Systems is a software company based in Grand Rapids, MI. is their HRM software that enables businesses to do their payroll, time & attendance, and benefits administration in the cloud. Dominion’s all-in-one software helps businesses to become more automated by involving their employees in the HRM process. Dominion Systems was voted one of West Michigan’s Best & Brightest companies to work for in 2016.