Dominion Systems looks to create new jobs to staff its MCSB-hailed Grand Rapids headquarters

This article was originally found on Rapid Growth Media.

Boasting a spot on a list by collaborative organization Michigan Celebrates Small Business called "50 Michigan Companies to Watch in 2014," Dominion Systems has made eight new hires over this past year, with three of those positions created in addition to existing roles. However, the Grand Rapids-based tech company and software developer is currently seeking applicants for a part-time marketing internship and four full-time positions – two client solutions representatives and a client trainer and operation specialist.  

"We actually moved into a larger space probably a year, year-and-a-half ago to accommodate for the growth we're experiencing now," says Paul Nysse, director of marketing. "We have enough room as it is for the employees we have coming in…we looked ahead and saw (expansion) on the horizon so we thought we'd be proactive." 

Nysse says Dominion Systems is experiencing a growth rate of about 15-20 percent, finding that better business lies in offering additional tools to the clients they already have. The tech company's HRM software enables business to manage payroll, time and attendance, and benefits administration in the cloud. As of four weeks ago, Nysse says Dominion Systems' platform has also added an applicant-tracking portal. 

"We're finding our clients are continually adding on these products, so they had payroll and time/attendance, now they can add benefits administration or applicant tracking," he says. "We're adding on new clients, but we're also finding our clients are using our software more because they want all of the that functionality to be in one place." 

He says the next addition to the HRM Platform will be an on-boarding function, so when individuals who submit a job application to a company using Dominion Systems' platform, they can also pre-emptively load any on-boarding information into payroll and benefits administration. 

"So when a new hire actually gets hired on to a company, they don't have to fill out paperwork for the first few days, they'll be ready to go," Nysse says. "They can hit the ground running." 

Dominion Systems has a laid-back workplace culture, Nysse says, but as a growing tech company, they value a self-motivated, independent work mentality of "go-getters" who also know how to slow down and listen. 

"I think one of the things that we do really well here is we listen to our clients," he says. "We survey them regularly, we want to know what would make their lives easier and we build those functionalities or those features for them." 

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Written by Anya Zentmeyer, Development News Editor