Dominion Systems Releases New Employee Self Service

Newest release highlights layered architecture and agile process 

May 29, 2014

Grand Rapids, Mi. - Dominion Systems, a software company specializing in payroll, time & attendance, and human resource management, has officially released an update to their Employee Self Service (ESS). While their ESS may initially look similar to the current site, behind the scenes it has been completely redesigned in modern technologies. By building a new, flexible foundation, the stage is now set for future user experience improvements. Some of these workflow and usability improvements will already be evident in the release, including a new account settings page, profile page, and dynamic field formatting help.

Regarding the ESS release, CEO Jud Highhill said, “With this release, we display the effectiveness and reliability the agile process was envisioned to accomplish. Our ESS revamp and release has been a monumental success and gives a glimpse into the future of Dominion Systems’ product releases.”

Some of the new features for this release include:

  • Profile page – The most noticeable change to the employee; the ‘Profile’ page now contains the employee’s contact info, list of dependents, and list of their emergency contacts.
  • Account Settings Page – This page contains the user login information.
  • Dynamic Field Formatting – For data validation, it ensures that all data entered into fields is accurately entered.


About Dominion Systems

Dominion Systems is a software company based in Grand Rapids, MI. is their HRM software that enables businesses to do their payroll, time & attendance, and benefits administration in the cloud. Dominion’s all-in-one software helps businesses to become more automated by involving their employees in the HRM process. Dominion Systems was voted one of Michigan’s 50 Companies to Watch in 2014.