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ESS, Customer Service, Time Saving

Getting started with Dominion was a piece of cake. People like it; they find it easy to use. The software is user-friendly, and I don’t get as many questions from people. Managers approve time and vacation requests and functionality is streamlined really well.
— Staci Burgess

We recently sat down with Staci Burgess from Starlite Kitchens in order to get some feedback about our software. Prior to using Dominion, Starlite used ADP to process payroll. They switched over to Dominion in early July of 2017 and haven’t looked back since. 

Resolving Their Frustrations

When asked about their reasons to start looking elsewhere, Staci commented about how they found ADP’s Employee Self Service (ESS) portal to be quite frustrating. She claimed that the ESS system hardly worked, preventing their hourly employees from punching in and out. When it came to Dominion’s ESS portal, Staci said her team found it incredibly user friendly and that it was a major improvement.  She also expressed frustration about how difficult it was to get a representative on the phone in a timely manner. Since ADP is a large company, she didn’t feel as though she was being given the time and attention that felt she deserved for what they were paying. Dominion’s client solutions team is always a quick phone call or IM away.

The “A-Ha” Moment


Staci says that they have been working to streamline their processes in an effort to complete their day to day operations electronically. Staci’s predecessor had a very traditional way of doing things, to the point where their hourly employees were turning in paper forms to submit their hours. That’s why they switched to ESS with ADP, but the process ended up resulting in a lot of issues. This was the point they realized they needed something more modern and sleek that would let them streamline those procedures that were previously outdated. Staci had used Dominion at a previous job, so she knew right off the bat what direction to point Starlite Kitchens in.

Why Dominion?

Since Staci has used us in the past, her superiors likely asked her the same question we did: Why us? Building off of what she told us previously about needing a more modern, fully-functioning system, Staci added that the fact that we were local definitely worked in our favor. The idea that we were a short five minute drive away if anything were to go horribly wrong offered a lot of comfort to her and her superiors. What’s more, when she calls in, Staci usually gets the same one or two representatives, so they’re already aware of her process and they don’t waste any time getting acquainted.

Before making the switch, Staci said she always had different managers coming up to her and ask how much time off each individual had available. What’s more, they would turn the hours into her and she would have to manually input them into the software. Now, they can go in at any time and see everything they need on the spot, and she’s free to work on more important tasks.