About Sunshine Toyota




Why Us:

What Dominion did for us with the advent of the Affordable Health Care Act was exceptional. Although I won’t pretend that I really understand it any better the help we received was invaluable.
— Heidi Peterson

Car Dealership

Battle Creek, MI


Reporting, Customer Service, ROI

Making the move from ADP to Dominion

Before working with Dominion, Sunshine Toyota was running payroll through ADP by calling in hours. When ADP raised their prices, it was difficult to track down the account manager working with their business. When they finally got into contact with their account manager there was a lack of regard for customer service and their concerns.


With ADP, Sunshine Toyota had no access to software, they would calculate hours worked, call in to ADP, and wait for the next pay period. This process was fairly easy until ADP raised their prices unexpectedly, piquing the interest of the CFO to shop around payroll. The payroll administrator had never used software before, so making the switch from calling in payroll to using software was a concern. However, with the guidance of Dominion’s training team and client solutions group, she was able to run a smooth payroll.


How Dominion’s Product Helped

Dominion’s robust reporting feature has allowed the dealership to cut down the time it takes to generate reports. With ADP they were forced to keep many paper documents to reference, but now they can simply pull reports to quickly access information. During the implementation process, custom reports were built to help the dealership run more efficiently.

Results, Return on Investment, & Future Plans

The administrators at Sunshine Toyota recommend Dominion during networking events and meet-ups do to the knowledgeable staff and exceptional service. With the Affordable Care Act roll-out many businesses were left confused on what needed to be reported and who it should be submitted to. Dominion worked with Sunshine Toyota to ensure accurate documents were filed and every question was answered. When the payroll administrators at Sunshine Toyota were presented with the idea to bring payroll ‘in-house’, they kindly responded with “You will have to find new office staff”.