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Talent Management

Tired of manually filling out, chasing, and submitting paperwork? Our software can do those tedious admin tasks for you, enabling you to get back to what only you can do — running your business and managing your employees.

With Dominion, Your Employees Practically Manage Themselves


All-in-One Talent Management Software

You can now have it all in one place, from applicant tracking and onboarding to performance monitoring, employee self-service, benefits, and more. Use our platform to receive and approve employee and time-off requests, set payroll reminders, create detailed job and employee profiles, write public and private employee notes, and more.

Empower Your Employees

Our employee self-service (ESS) portal enables your employees to find the information they need and upload paperwork on their own and without direct supervision. They can submit time off requests, amend their profiles, change their tax details, enter important life events or information about new dependents, and more.

Delegate Tasks to Your Supervisors

The system allows you to automatically delegate tasks to supervisors, freeing you to focus on more essential work.

Increase Employee Retention and Job Performance

Streamline administrative processes, empower employees, and improve talent management to make your employees happier and more productive.

Compliance Made Easy

We offer numerous resources designed to help you stay compliant with all things HR, including workshops, webinars, and online resources. From ACA, EEOC and OSHA reporting to top-notch tax filing services, you can rest easy knowing Dominion has you covered.

Simplify Time Off Requests

With Dominion, you can accept or reject requests online, delegate approvals to your supervisors and pull reports based on leave and benefit requests. Plus, all time off requests integrate seamlessly, right into payroll.
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Keep the Pulse on Your People

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Robust Reporting

Dominion provides standard reports and dashboards as well custom report writer, which you can use to create reports tailored to your business needs and goals.

Our reports provide valuable insight into your people and your organization, from benefits to performance monitoring.

Check out our different Talent Management solutions below to see how our specific reports can help your business run smoothly—and grow!


Employee Self Service


Benefit Solutions


Applicant Tracking



Your Employees Are Your Most Important Asset

Let Dominion help you support them and provide an exceptional experience!
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