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Payroll Sync

Hours that flow directly into payroll, eliminating the need for dual entry and the possibility of human error. 


No need to wonder if someone worked a certain shift or took time off, it is all tracked in the software.

Leave Management

Employees can request time off online whether it is for paid time off, a sick day, etc, it is all accessible online. 

Overtime Compliance

Overtime hours are automatically calculated at their appropriate rate.

Reports to Inform Scheduling

Pull reports to gain insight to which employees are approaching overtime.

Group Schedules

Create reoccurring schedules to reuse or tweak as needed.

Points & Incidents

Quickly assign points based on employees punch behavior; tardy and missing punches will be used to create an incident report for management.

Approve & Review Hours

Quickly check abnormal punches and exceptions and get alerts when punches are missed.

Multiple Input Options

Choose between biometric time clocks, PC punching, or mobile punching.