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Time Management

Flow and sync hours automatically across the platform and enjoy flexible punching, simplified scheduling, intuitive reporting, accurate and timely payroll, and best of all—no dual entries.

Managing time and attendance has never been easier.


The Smarter Way to Manage Time & Attendance


Simplify Scheduling

Make your scheduling work for you, not the other way around. Our platform allows you to easily create schedules for multiple locations, pull instant reports to see who’s available and who’s approaching overtime, set up holidays and personalized time policies, and more.

Choose from Multiple Input Methods

We work with several methods for collecting employee time based on your company’s needs, including biometric or proximity card clocks, mobile punching, and kiosk devices.

Set Up Geofencing

Don’t want to rely on traditional kiosk devices? No problem. Geofencing provides employees with an alternative, safe, and personalized punch method. Geofencing is ideal for the construction, sales, and home care industries, as well as for just about anyone who needs to record time from multiple locations.

Review and Approve Hours at a Glance

Depending on your company settings, managers can receive timecard authorization alerts for all flagged punches or certain exceptions only—no need to review each card individually. And if you don’t have time to approve timecards yourself, you can designate supervisors for timecard approval.

View Time Reports

Dominion’s Time & Attendance reports makes managing your team’s time easy! You can quickly pull reports to see who’s at work, who’s not, and who is approaching overtime.

Simplify Time Off Requests

Customize any number of time off policies to fit your business. With Dominion, you can accept or reject requests online, delegate approvals to your supervisors and pull reports based on leave and benefit requests. Plus, all time off requests integrate seamlessly, right into payroll.
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Make Requesting (and Approving) Time Off Easy


Request and Accept Time Off

Employees can view a breakdown of approved, pending, and available balances through their online Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. When they submit a request, it is instantly emailed to the appropriate supervisor, alerting them to either accept or deny the request.

Easy-to-Run Reports

Dominion's online Time Off feature gives you a complete history of your leave and benefit requests. You and your employees will know how much time off has been used and any remaining balance, all in one report.

Delegate Your Approvals

Delegate approvals to specific managers so no single person is managing all time off requests. No matter the size of your business, this eliminates paperwork and makes requesting time off easy and efficient for everyone.

Multiple Policies

Create multiple policies and assign them as needed to employees. All of your Time Off information flows directly into payroll, eliminating dual entry.

Dominion: Your All-in-One Time Management Software

Optimize how you track time to free
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