Introducing: Dominion's New Time clock App for the iPad

Dominion has released an app for your iPad* that can replace the need for time clocks. The app is absolutely free and can be downloaded onto any iPad.  

Intuitive punching by hand touching iPad screen.

Quick Intuitive Punching

Immediately after your employee punches in, they'll receive a confirmation notification so they know the punch was successful. The app will then automatically log them off so it is ready for the next employee to clock in.

3 people all connected to clock to show employees hours can be allocated to different cost centers.

Cost Center Options

To allocate hours, employees can easily select the cost center in which they are working, outside of their home cost center. If they are moving between cost centers, a transfer punch will punch the employee out of the old and into the new cost center with one simple click! 

arrow pointing to cloud to show all punches will be stored in the cloud to communicate to all necessary software systems.

Minimal Storage Necessary

All employee punches are uploaded and recorded directly into your timekeeping system, so you don't have to worry about storing the data on your iPad and manually transferring it into the system.

circle with check mark inside confirming punches will save while offline.

Save Punches when Offline

If you lose internet access for any reason, the app will immediately notify you to check your wifi connection. However, your employees can still clock in and out as normal, as all punches will be stored in the app and uploaded once internet access is restored.

Ready to see what This App can do for you?

Hand pointing to iPad screen with Dominion's time clock app showing.

*Note: As of now, the time clock app works only on iPads. We do not offer a mobile app.