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I was surprised how much easier it was to process payroll. There are not nearly as many steps, and everything runs much smoother.
— Lorna Dickinson

Union Bank has been a valuable client of Dominion Systems for over a decade, so we were excited for the chance to sit down with them and get some great feedback. Lorna Dickinson has a lot of experience processing payroll with Dominion over the years, while Sara Stalter has only recently begun transitioning into the department. Between the two of them, we were able to get some great insight into what they’ve found valuable about our software and why they have no plans to shop around for other providers. 

The Turning Point


Before using Dominion, Union Bank was a client of ADP. Lorna found that the software was not nearly as user-friendly and made a point to comment on how easy it is to create and pull reports in our software. “I love that I can get help building reports if needed. Previously, I would have to send the information to ADP where they would build the report for me and then send us a bill. With Dominion, I got first-hand training and a team of representatives ready to help me with whatever I need.” What’s more, Lorna and Sara both found the hands-on training with Dominion to be incredibly helpful and efficient. 

Great Customer Service

If Sara and Lorna have to be put on hold when they call with questions, they only have to wait for about a minute. Occasionally, if they have to speak with somebody who isn’t available, they simply leave a message and receive a call back. Lorna says she’s always impressed with Dominion’s callback time, stating it’s usually within the hour. With ADP, she’d often have to wait a day or two to hear back, and when you’re processing payroll that can cause some major problems. She loves knowing that she can get help any time she needs it using various communication methods, and is comforted knowing her payroll people are only a 30 minute drive away. 

The Dominion Difference

When asked about her favorite feature, Lorna said she loved how easy the Punch Calendar was to use. Any time she would get an email from an employee who forgot to punch in, she could simply hop into the software and add it in no problem. Sara, on the other hand, loves the chat feature. If a question doesn’t require the time to put into a phone call or email, she could simply ask it in the chat and get her answer in seconds. Although Union Bank’s decision to switch from ADP to Dominion was ultimately because of the affordable pricing, Lorna was excited to start using Dominion because there were far fewer “clicks” than her process with ADP.