Intuitive, accurate payroll that syncs with the rest of your platform

As your employees log hours, request time off, and undergo open enrollment, Dominion’s payroll automatically updates these changes accordingly. Zero spreadsheets required. It’s reliable, precise, and flexible. 


Payroll icon showing payroll is as easy as a click

Payroll with Ease

Software so intuitive you don't need a background in payroll processing. Whether you're a payroll professional, or someone who has no payroll knowledge, we've got you covered. 

white paper with magnifying glass to examine and preview the payroll

Preview Your Payroll

Before accepting your payroll you can review deductions, check stubs, and any potential errors. Found an error after you accepted the preview? Simply call us and rerun payroll in minutes. 

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Automatic Tax Filing

Upon accepting your payroll preview your tax payments are automatically sent. This way there is no need to worry about any local, state, and federal taxes ever again. Find more information here.

clock with arrow showing the history of payroll processes

Payroll History

Need to know exactly when an employee pay rate was changed? Our software keeps track of everything such as when payroll was processed, by whom, and if anything was changed. 

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Solutions for Every Question

Do you have questions? Feel free to call or email our Client Solutions team at 616.248.3835 or



If you’re running payroll in Michigan, or setting up payroll for the first time, our Definitive Guide to Payroll Processing in Michigan will define what payroll is, why it’s important, how to set payroll up for your business, and the benefits of outsourcing payroll.


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Are you still processing payroll manually? Find out how you can process a paperless payroll in 5 simple steps.

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Shares the differences between installed payroll software vs. cloud-based payroll software.

Unsure of the benefits of a cloud-based payroll software? Check out this infographic that breaks it down.

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