Empower your employees

Employee self service is a web-based application where employees can access and manage everything pertinent to their job. Gone are the days of hold ups in PTO requests, lag in searching for, finding, or viewing paystubs, W2s, and other critical employee info, or even static employee clocking in.

Dominion's Employee Self Service portal shown with three different images on Ipad, Iphone, and laptop screen.

Iphone screen showing person icon representing Dominion's ESS portal.

Access to Information

Employees can access all of their information, ranging from pay stubs, to time off balances, to W-2s, and more, all from any location with access to the internet.

Multiple records in one convenient file.

Update Records

Give your employees the ability to update records such as emergency contacts, tax withholding rates, and even benefit plans, freeing you from being the go-between person. 

Calendar with clock in front showing Dominion clients can look at their schedules punches online

Check Schedules and Punches

Not only can your employees quickly access their schedule via computer, tablet, or phone, but they can also clock in or out and easily check their punch history.

Hand pointing to Ipad screen to shop Employee Benefits online

Shop Benefits

During your open enrollment period, your employees can shop and compare the benefit plan options you offer directly through their online portal.

Multiple reports together

Historical Reports


ESS offers your employees access to reports right at their fingertips, including wage history, paycheck history, W-2s, and more.


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