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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Empower your employees to be in control of their information, so you can focus on growing your business.

Empowered Employees Make an Empowered Organization.


Free Up Time and Resources

Our ESS platform enables employees to easily locate the info they need, receive company updates, review important documents, access onboarding tasks, and change their details — all without taking up the time and attention of their managers or supervisors.

Check Schedules and Punches

When you sync your ESS with our Time & Attendance platform, your employees will be able to easily see their schedule, punch in or out for the day, and check their time cards from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Encourage Transparency and Open Communication

Keep communication out in the open with our ESS. Your employees can easily access the information they need and get answers to their questions on demand, which helps build a culture of trust and communication in your organization.

Select Health Benefits

Our Benefit Solutions integrates with your ESS, allowing your employees to shop and compare benefit plan options, and even submit qualifying life events for additional coverage outside of open enrollment.

Give Employees Easy Access to Information

Employees can view, manage, and update their documents and personal information at any time, including:
  • Pay stubs
  • W-2 forms
  • Time off balance
  • Timecard history
  • Performance reviews
  • Personal and company goals
  • Direct deposit accounts
  • Number of dependents
It’s all there, right at their fingertips. Best of all, supervisors only get notifications for changes to their assigned employees’ profiles.

Go Mobile

Our ESS platform is fully responsive, allowing employees to access it on the go from their mobile devices. Alternatively, they can use our dedicated mobile and desktop app to:
  • Punch in and out for the day
  • Record and request time off
  • Review the last two years of payroll history
  • Access and update personal information, including dependents, taxes, and emergency contacts

Encourage Transparency and Open Communication

With our ESS solution, you can keep things out in the open. Your employees can easily access the information they need and get answers to their questions on demand, which helps build trust and a culture of communication in your organization.

Help Your Employees Help You

Empower employees to access and manage their personal information
and free up your time.

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