3 Ways Software Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

The hiring process can be extremely timely for those working in human resources. However, technology has come a long way in recent years and now HR can find some relief in the (daunting) hiring process. Utilizing the right software can assist in gathering resumes, segmenting candidates, and even onboarding once the right candidate is chosen. Let’s take a closer look at how software can simplify your talent search.

An Easier Way to Organize

At its simplest form, an applicant tracking system should act as a document manager; accepting all incoming resumes and storing them for future use. Having an electronic document manager gives you the option to query through your resumes, both new and old, creating a talent pool for your business to choose from. This especially comes in handy when you have several positions open and are looking to fill them quickly.

Segmentation of Candidates

The right software will allow you to create custom flags specific to the job. What this means is you set up the software to push through the most qualified candidates, eliminating the need for you to shuffle through hundreds of resumes. You can do this by specifying key words you are looking for in a candidate, or by allowing the software to automatically recognize those who are not qualified for the position.

Strategic Onboarding

Perhaps the most tedious part of bringing someone new onboard is all the paperwork that needs to be handed out and filled in. Having software that will allow you to upload benefit statements, and various new hire documents eliminates the need for all the access paperwork. Another great feature is the ability to set up tasks and due dates within the software. This function ensures that you and the new hire are both made aware of the expectations set forth.

If you’re interested in learning more about applicant tracking systems, please register for our upcoming software demonstration. We’ll go more in depth about how ATS software can work for your business.