How Employee Self-Service Makes for a Smoother Year-End

The sad truth is that for most businesses year-end is very stressful. With so much going on at the end of the year it would be nice to get some relief. Did you know implementing employee self-service (ESS) can aid in elevating some of the work load? Here are three ways ESS can make your year-end a little less hectic.

Employees Can Update their Own Information

Sometimes employees will wait until the end of the year to update important information such as a change of address and so on. Year-end is busy enough without having to go into your employees personal files and update things such as addresses, benefits, etc. When your employees have access to an ESS portal, they can do all of this (and more) themselves. 

Eliminate the Middle Man

Distributing W-2s is time consuming and can be tricky if you are a larger organization. Instead of going through the hassle of printing dozens (or hundreds) of W-2s, why not give employees access to their W-2 through their ESS? Distributing W-2s through ESS is simple for both the employee and employer. All your employees have to do is log into their portal and click the “W-2” shortcut on the home page. From there the W-2 will pop up and they can email it, print it, etc. No more waiting for your W-2 in the mail (and praying it doesn’t get lost).

Time Off for the Holidays

ESS also aids in requesting additional time off for the holidays. If an employee plans on taking New Year’s Eve off, they can log into their ESS, click “Time Off” and from there they can select the time policy they wish to deduct from. Once they submit the request an email automatically gets sent to their manager to be approved or denied. Once the manager responds to the request the employee will be notified via email. Simple as that. 

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